Association for dogs and cats’ protection Šinterice dobra srca is a citizens’ association with a status of a non-governmental, voluntary, humanitarian and non-profit legal entity with rights, obligations and responsibilities whose goals are not in conflict with Croatian Law and Constitution.


The Association’s goal is feeding, assistance in providing conditions for veterinary care (treatment, castration, vaccination and other necessary care), providing temporary accommodation to cats which are up for adoption, raising general awareness about caring for abandoned dogs, cats and pets, introducing Animal Protection Act to the public and preventing abuse and inhumane treatment of animals.

We have more than 20 active volunteers and currently take care of more than 50 abandoned cats. Until adoption, the cats are housed in the Association's facility, known by its pet name “Mačkovec”. All cats are vaccinated against infectious diseases, tested for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, regularly treated for external and internal parasites, as well as neutered.

In addition to abandoned cats, we also take care of feral, free-roaming cats on arranged feeding grounds in the city of Koprivnica. We also regularly plan projects and organize workshops to help educate the public and raise general awareness about caring for abandoned animals and pets.

For several years now, we have been implementing free neutering projects, and as a part of them (with help from donors and municipalities) we cover the cost of the procedure for low-income households and stray cats. We try to highlight neutering as the only acceptable and long-term solution to reducing the number of abandoned animals.


The Association is based and operates in Koprivnica, Croatia.


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